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ARCHIVERSE STUDIO is an metaverse/XR/VR design and innovation art firm led by David Seok-Jun Ha

ARCHIVERSE Studio is creating new development in the metaverse/XR/VR. It also connects real and virtual spaces to enjoy a variety of artistic and commercial media experiments, including visual arts, performing arts, installation arts, and brand games.

our philosophy

We believe that our experiments have the power to invent new forms. Our experimental approach without this restriction challenges us to create new multi-universes and create artistic play that we enjoy there, and it can be reborn as a strategy for the brand.

our capabilities

ARCHIVERSE Studio offers a variety of artistic and brand plays that help connect real and virtual worlds. Architects' creative ideas and artists' intuitive ideas are at the core of meaning hidden in our DNA. Our experimental approach provides creative work development/exhibition, metaverse/XR/VR design development, and creative playground design for brands in an integrated way.


Come and join us

We invite you, who love to connect science with art and have multiple experimental minds. It would be great if you could do a logical development of branding on this basis. Apply now

Our Partners

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